Shoe cleaners

Liberty Industries SHOE CLEANERS

A key initial product Liberty offered when first founded, Liberty Industries now offers a number of excellent shoe brush machines used prior to entering a cleanroom–something for any size contamination control area and number of employees.  They’re listed below from an introductory model to the ultimate.  (See for photos and additional data).

Manual Shoe Cleaner p.46

For a basic entry area where an effort is being made to reduce contamination, consider the 7345.  Having an all-steel frame, it is well-designed with 1 1/2″ stiff, plastic bristles which are acid and weather resistant so it can be used inside and out.

The front, back, sides and soles of the shoes are cleaned via V-shaped, contoured brushes and a scraper designed to handle heavy accumulation.  Just put one foot in in the unit while the other holds the unit securely, as the contamination drops down.

(Specifications: the cleaning surface is 100 square inches.  The structural foam blocks are 3″ (w) x 10″ (l) x l 1/2″ (h), and are secured by steel swivel brackets which are bolted to an all steel frame.


shoe brush 100-fj p.45

In anti-contamination areas that have a lower-to-mid volume of workers, the popular 100FJR is ideal, intended for lighter use in a dry environment.  It comes with or without a top brush, in both 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz or 230V/60Hz.  There are 2 vacuum systems available–the original Model 104 which is a 4-gallon, microstatic/bonderized version, or the current AS-5 HEPA vacuum.  A solenoid valve and connecting kit, as well as replacement bags are available, as well as dozens of replacement parts.

FOR MODERATE DUTY CLEANROOMS: the Model 2001-TB shoe cleaning machine; CE-approved

Shoe Brush 2001-TB

If your cleanroom has notable traffic, or if the workers have either a metal toe, or a shoe larger than 3 1/2″ wide by 10″ long, the 2001-TB is the way to go.  You just put your foot into the unit and its fully-automated features kick in!  The unit has 4 motor-driven brushes on the top, bottom and sides.  Liberty offers dozens of replacement parts to keep this unit in top condition for years.  Specifications: 132 lbs.;  unit 1/3 HP motor, 120V/60Hz gear motor; 20.25″ long x 19″ wide x 15.25″ high, and it has a 23.75″ support handle.


Shoe Brush 2010SC

A high-traffic cleanroom needs shoe cleaners able to hold up under serious use.  Another motorized shoe brush machine Liberty manufacturers is the fully automatic, amazingly quiet and highly-efficient 2010-SC.  This shoe brush machine features a 99.99%-effective HEPA filter exhaust system.  The top-of-the-line unit is completely self-contained and the contaminate it removes can be easily cleaned out via its pull-out drawer.  As with other units, a framed Liberty Tacky Mat® can be put in front to eliminate footborne dirt.  Dimensions: 18″ wide x 28″ long x 39″ tall; 135 lbs.

THE BULL DOG (Model 351) for WET-DRY and industrial applications

When a cleanroom has people coming in via an area with high contamination (e.g. from an office area, a dirty warehouse, or even from OUTDOORS) the Bull Dog is the perfect selection.  The 351 is a motorized shoe brush cleaner designed to handle all types of particulate, including snow or slush, yard “litter” (such as grass, leaves or dirt, mud or sand).  Specifications are: 16″ wide x 21″ long x 44″ tall;  135 lbs, 120V/60Hz.