Alpha linear ionizers

The P-2001 Linear Alpha Ionizers


P-2001 linear Alpha ionizer

NRD’s linear ionizers are like magic wands–they eliminate static charge almost magically!  They require NO calibration, NO maintenance, NO air source, and NO electricity!!!

The P-2001 emits millions of ions per second and, when taken past a static-charged surface within about 1.5″ away, the charge will drop to virtually zero instantly…perfect for applications in the plastics and textile industries, especially, as well as the printing industry, e.g. a “web” where wide-area coverage is needed.  Furthermore, as with all the Alpha products, it is essentially “the only game in town” in situations where explosive or flammable materials are nearby; electrical ionizers simply cannot be used in those environments.  Coming in 1″ increment lengths ranging from 4 to 144 inches, the P-2001 can be easily installed via its 1 inch mounting on each end.

The primary versions are:

The basic P-2001

This very popular model is perfect for nearly all web-based and converting usages.  Like all the Alpha units, no external electrical source is needed to put the P-2001 to work.

The P-2001-1

To reduce/eliminate high static problems found in a high-speed web operation, the P-2001-1 is ideal.  In order to further drain off notable electrostatic charge, it offers stainless steel induction brushes which actually make physical contact as, say, a roll of plastic flies by.

The P-2001 AC

When your application won’t allow you to get a P-2001 in close to the problem area, the P-2001 AC combines the power of an Alpha ionizer with moving air via a Super Air Curtain.  The ions are then transported via the air medium to the static source, negating a charge up to 48 inches away.  A unit can be ordered in the following sizes:  6″, 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ and 48″, and, if a longer area needs to be covered, you can LINK several end-to-end.

Note:  In order to be sure an NRD Alpha ionizer works in your application, we recommend you get a unit in for a 30-day trial!  It’s the BEST way to know for SURE that it’ll cure your static problems!  Most people know within just a few MINUTES, let alone a MONTH whether it’ll work or not…and it almost always DOES.  All we need is 2 contact names (e.g. a key engineer and a buyer), plus a P.O. number so that we can all track where the unit is.

After 30 days, if you don’t feel it did the job, just return it and NRD will invoice you only for the 2-way shipping costs, which is minimal as these units are light.  Just give Midstates Marketing a call and we can help make sure the unit you’re considering sounds right for your application, and we can get one ordered for you right away!