Tacky Mats

Liberty Industries TACKY MAT®

In addition to the details and history of Tacky Mats® on our sister webpage, www.cleanroommatsinfo.com, we have much experience in selling for Liberty since 1987.  Being involved with the creation of this product in the early 1960’s, John Nappi, Sr. trademarked the name Tacky Mats®, as compared to generic terms such as tack mats, sticky mats, adhesive mats, etc.  The brand has reached the level of industry recognition just as the word Frigidaire™ is equated for the word “refrigerator”!

The most well-known model number is the #800030B:

Tacky Mat big blue p.39

Tacky Mat® facts:

For a top quality poly adhesive sticky mat, you can’t beat Liberty’s design.  This tack mat, the #800030B, is manufactured with three strips of double-coated tape on most sizes, 4 strips on the 24 inch wide mats.  There are 30 sheets on a mat, 4 mats in a case (120 sheets), and each sheet is individually-tabbed with a pull tab system of removing sheets that is exclusive to Liberty.

The mats are polyfilm 1.45 mil thick, non-allergenic, non-drying, non-odorous, and the solid adhesive is non-aging.  All mats are made with an anti-microbial germicide.  The overall thickness of a mat (30 sheets) is .078 or 5/64 inch.  Though the most common color is blue (identified by “-B” after the model number), Liberty also offers the #800030B in white (identified by “-A” after the model number), grey and clear….depending on the size.

Sizes include:  18X36″, 18X46″, 24X36″, 24X46″, 24X72″, 36X36, 36X46″, and 36X60″, with an average case having a shipping weight of about 20 pounds per case.  To identify the level of tackiness you prefer, the “A” indicates high tack, the “B” for medium tack, and the “C” is for low tack, with “B” as the most common stickiness chosen.

Tacky Mat® sizes:

The Tacky Mat is best identified by the inventory number, as it tells not only the model number, but the size and color.  For example, using the format of size/inventory number/color:

18X36″     10-3111 is white, 10-3113 is blue, 10-3126 is grey.

18X46″     10-3118 is white, 10-3119 is blue, 10-3129 is grey.

24X36″     10-3110 is white, 10-3161 is blue, 10-3127 is grey.

24X46″     10-3128 is white, 10-3123 is blue.  (Grey is not available).

36X36″     10-1167 is blue.  (White and grey are not available.)

36X46″     10-3112 is white, 10-3125 is blue.  (Grey is not available.)

36X60″     10-1168 is blue.  (White and grey are not available.)  Nicknamed The Big Blue.

24X72″     10-2999 is blue and this particular mat has a 12 case minimum order.

Miscellaneous facts:

*The normal minimum order is 1 case for all but the smallest sizes where the minimum order is 2.  If you relay your order to Midstates Marketing in the morning, product should ship that afternoon; if we receive the order in the afternoon, it’ll go out the next day.  FOB: East Berlin, CT.  Invoice payment terms are available with established credit.  We also take Visa and MasterCard until credit is set up.

*Tacky Mats in special colors can be custom-quoted with a 100 case minimum order.

*Tacky mats made of surplus material can be custom-quoted if different colors and grade levels are workable; 100 case minimum order.

*Standard sizes are normally in inventory in East Berlin, CT and can ship either the same or the next day after being ordered through Midstates Marketing.  In the rare event of being out of stock, the lead time ranges from a few days to a week to ship.

*Patent numbers for Liberty’s Tacky Mats are:  3,083,393 – 3,665,543 – 3,400,421.

The #800030-BFW with a Full Width adhesive backing

The Liberty Industries Model #800030BFW Tacky Mat® is specially made for clean room situations where the floor does not lend itself to the standard #800030B Tacky Mat®.  Some floors are difficult to adhere to so Liberty made this version with adhesive on the full width and length of the bottom of each mat to anchor it to the controlled environment floor.

Sizes and colors of the 800030B-FW are:

  • 18X36″; #10-7001=white, #10-7007=blue, #10-7013=grey
  • 18X46″; #10-7002=white; #10-7008=blue, #10-7014=grey
  • 24X36″; #10-7003=white; #10-7009=blue, #10-7015=grey; #10-7024=clear
  • 24X46″; #10-7004=white, #10-7010=blue, #10-7016=grey; #10-8008=clear
  • 36X36″; #10-7021=white, #10-7019=blue, #10-8009=clear
  • 36X46″; #10-7005=white, #10-7011=blue, #10-7017=grey
  • 36X60″; #10-7006=white, #10-7012=blue, #10-7018=grey

The Model IF6-200 anti-scuff Tacky Mat® frame

Tacky mat IF6-200 frame p.38

An optional, high-impact, polystyrene frame for either the 800030B or 800030BF Tacky Mats® is available for use where, as an example, you need a beveled edge for a cart to roll over the mat.  The IF6-200 has a 15° angle with an 11° inward incline.  It has an overall extrusion width of 3 inches, a 5/32″ inside height, and a 4/32″ bottom/top inside height with one sheet in the frame.  The exposed frame is needed if black is desired.

As with the mats, there are many frame sizes available:

Internal #; size; approximate weight

#10-1134; 18X36″; 9 lbs.

#10-1135; 18X46″; 11 lbs.

#10-1133; 18X72″; 13 lbs.

#10-1138; 24X36″; 11 lbs.

#10-1139; 24X46″; 14 lbs.

#10-1136; 36X36″; 18 lbs.

#10-1999; 48X40″; 21 lbs.

#10-1999; 36X60*; 48 lbs.

*Crating on this size is included.  Ships via common carrier only.

Additional notes:

  1. One free frame is included with a purchase of 10 or more cases of mats.
  2. Wood crating is suggested for the protection of the frame edges on two or more frames, as carriers sometimes damage them.  Check with Midstates Marketing as to crating costs.
  3. Neither Liberty or Midstates is responsible for frame damage if wood crating is not chosen.

The 800030B-FW has the same features as the 800030B listed above, but costs slightly more.  Check with Midstates Marketing as to the latest list pricing and your discount.

Model 6000M10 Super Kleen foam insert Tacky Mats®

Super kleen tacky mat 6000M10 p.38

This unique style of mat was designed for cleanroom areas needing tighter control on contamination.  The SuperKleen Tacky Mat® not only attracts contamination from a cart or a foot, but also lasts doubly-long as a standard mat for a hard surface.  The reasons are many.

  1. The Model 60010M10 has unusual contouring and resilient foam qualities.  Affixed to the base of each sheet is a unique polyfoam cushion which furnishes total conformity to a person’s shoe.
  2. Every foam insert has a type of “memory” which causes it to return to its original form, so that after each step taken, it is fully restored.
  3. Each Super Kleen® mat contains 10 disposable layers of polyfoam…all of which have a distinct, pressure-sensitive surface which clings to particulate of all kinds.
  4. The 6000M10 requires the IF6-200 plastic frame.
  5. Each 5/16″ thick sheet is manufactured from a closed cell, 1/16″ poly-laminate which is coated with a special material that’s non-odorous, leaves no residue, and is non-allergenic.
  6. Each mat has a 11/2″ density factor, comes in the standard of gray, and “B”/moderate tackiness level.
  7. SuperKleen™ mats meet all government, NASA, Federal Association of Contamination Control Standards, and GMP’s.
  8. There are 10 sheets per mat, 12 mats per case, all with 3 strips of 1.5″ double-coated tape on the last sheet in order to secure the foam insert to its frame.
  9. Mat size, insert weight, case weight:
  • 18X36″; 10 oz.; 8.25 lbs.
  • 18X46″; 14 oz.; 11.25 lbs.
  • 18X72″; 1.25 lbs.; 16.5 lbs.; ****
  • 36X36″; 1.25 lbs.; 16.5 lbs.; ****
  • 24X36″; 1 lb.; 12 lbs.
  • 24X46″; TBA; TBA; **
  • 36X60″; TBA; TBA; ***

**=2 case minimum order; ***=20 case minimum order; ****=consists of 2 18X36″ mats as these are 2-piece mats.

Quantity discounts:  1-4 cases=5%; 6-10 cases=7.5%; 11+ cases=10%

The Model RC500 home or office mats

Home office Tack mat p.41

Another version of what are called sticky mats, tack mats or peel-off mats if the RC500.  This model is often used in non-production environments where some effort is needed to remove footborne particulate prior to entering a specialized area.    As with the #800030 series, they come 30 sheets/mat, 4 mats/case in blue (10-5556), white (10-5555) or gray (10-5561) and include a frame.  Refills are identified with an “R” at the end of the part number.

The Model #1021 All-In-One Tacky Mats®

This entrance mat is 24X30″ and, like all Liberty’s sticky mats, they remove small dirt and dust particles from shoes, boots or shoe covers.    The frames are a white high-impact poly-styrene with a non-slip backing.

These mats have 60 peel-off sheets per mat and 4 mats in a case, therefore requiring changes to a new mat.  Colors available are:

  • #10-2101/1021W (white mats)
  • #10-2100/1021G (grey mats)
  • #10-2102/1021B (blue mats)
  • “RPL” is added to the part number when ordering replacement mats.