Alpha fans and blowers

Alpha fans and blowers

There are many applications where a gentle breeze of ionized air provides the ionization necessary for an electronic engineering or testing workbench, workstations in the electronics manufacturing industry and other assembly operations.  Also, if the work environment involves flammable or even explosive fumes or materials, NRD is THE solution.

The IonMaster 465

NRD offers SEVERAL Alpha fans and blowers:

  • The Model 4060 and Model 4060A.  Titled “The Ionmaster™”, this lightweight work surface miniature fan will blow ionized air gently across the work area, negating any static charge it encounters.  Typical usage includes electronic repair, an electronic inspection station, and general electronic assembly.  Depending on the application, you can choose either the #4060 table-top model or the #4060-A which comes with an articulating positioning arm.
  • The Model 4064-1200 and its P-2063 ionizer.  This high-output blower is called the Ionmaster II™–a super-sized version of the original Ionmaster™.  This unit was designed for a more stringent, wide-area situation, and utilizes a P-2063 ionizing cartridge.
  • The Model 4066 and its P-2035 ionizer.  Another step up takes you to this rugged, industrial grade unit.  If you need a high output of ionized air, this model is the way to go, as it uses the P-2035 ionizer which is NRD’s most powerful static neutralizer.  You’ll get coverage of a large area to take care of high electro-static problems.
  • The Model 4165, also with the P-2035 ionizer.  This unit has an air amplification effect up to 15 TIMES more than the airflow coming into it–easier on your compressor.  It combines NRD’s industrial level P-2035 ionizer with a powerful air amplifier, designed to mount in various key positions around the work area to “shower” the item to be affected with massive numbers of positive and negative ions.  And, of course, it has no competition if the working atmosphere involves flammable or explosive fumes or materials.
  • ACCESSORIES: To enhance flexibility in using the units just described, the Model 4710-1, 4710-2, 4720, and 4700 Alpha conversion kits are designed to give users versatility in using their ionization equipment with conventional air movers and fans.  (1) The 4710-1 and 4710-2 kits use NRD’s P-2042 Spot Source, and come with an adjustable stand, a grounding cord, and either a single or double “Spot” holder.  (2)  The 4720 uses an NRD’s P-2001 4-12″ long Alpha linear ionizer, and comes with both a holder and a tripod positioner.  (3)  The 4700 converts AC or DC electrical ionzer to 0 volt balance Alpha technology.  Consisting of amounting plate and acrylic source holder, this conversion kit uses NRD’s P-2063 ionizer.

***See for photos of the other ionizing models referenced above.