Terra Universal DESICCATORS

Known for its engineering prowess, Terra Universal continues its critical environment solutions with a wide array of cleanroom storage and handling in its desiccator line.  An incompetent desiccator storage system can wreak havoc on your product yields and can make the amount you spent for those units questionable.  Because the primary problems revolve around problems that occur when doors are opened or mistakenly left open, T.U. has addressed that problem head-on.

Since it is CRITICAL that a desiccator QUICKLY return to the initial humidity set point.  Terra has done this with 2 key features–the Dual Purge™ and NitroWatch™ systems.  When the humidity set point threshold you set is exceeded, a high-flow variable purge kicks in to removes moisture promptly, thanks to its Automatic RB™ (relief-bleed) Valve which not only reduces the recovery time and nitrogen use in HALF (see graph below).  (Note: in other desiccators, the recovery time can take as long as 40 minutes if the unit has only a single bleed valve.)  With Terra Universal’s design, moisture migration is greatly diminished.

Nitrogen Consumption

Nitrogen Consumption/Recovery Time:

Figure 1:  110 cubic feet /40 minutes; Figure 2: 55 cubit feet/20 minutes (an improvement of 100%); Figure 3: 15 cubit feet/10 minutes (an improvement of almost 300%/400%)

THE NitroPlex Desiccator Control System™

NitroPlex Desiccator

Designed for zero tolerance moisture control, the NitroPlex™ is top-of-the-line for purging nitrogen in applications require non-exposure to moisture.  When it comes to dealing with bio-pharmaceuticals, miniature semiconductor parts, and other products with moisture sensitivity, the NitroPlex™ offers the capabilities to monitor and control that you need.

A key feature of this unit is that each chamber has its own control ability and can be programmed (remotely or locally) to hold a humidity set point anywhere from ambient to 0% Relative Humidity.  Furthermore, nitrogen is only used where it’s necessary to maintain %RH under the critical set point.

With many other desiccators on the market, a flowmeter is used to return to a humidity set point after a door has been opened and that process can take 1 hour plus.  In contrast, the NitroPlex™ has shown it cuts the recovery time in a 4 chamber desiccator by 400%+.  That means that for a busy clean room, your humidity levels may be above your set point all day long!

In the Microccator™ shown below, damage from moisture can be dramatically improved or eliminated by reducing the recovery time to seconds.

 BELOW: The Terra Universal Microccator™ returning to humidity set point in seconds.
NitroPlex Multiplex Humidity Desiccator

Another great feature of the NitroPlex™ is its product safety alarm.  When a lab technician accidentally leaves an access door open–a common reason for moisture exposure–warning alarms signal cleanroom personnel to fix the problem immediately because the unit injects a high-flow nitrogen purge as soon as someone opens a door.

Logging your data

Once your data has been captured by the NitroPlex™ it can be logged via a serial port to another PC elsewhere, enabling the data to be evaluated further.  T.U. has a SmartPlex™ smartphone app designed for:

  1. Wireless monitoring
  2. Data logging–to offer traceable storage in great detail, as well as the access of history for all chambers of the desiccator, invaluable when doing R&D.
  3. Remote chamber set points programming
  4. Displaying graphically:
  • the set point conditions in each NitroPlex™ chamber, and
  • current humidity…recording them for analysis and archiving.

  • There is so much to be considered on this kind of equipment so….***CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION?

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