Environmental chambers


There a lot of types of “environments” that chambers are designed for.  Terra offers about every type you can imagine.  Here are a few:

#2418 High-capacity, HEPA-filtered cleanroom oven

High-Capacity, HEPA-Filtered Cleanroom Oven

This large oven (with a stainless steel chamber that’s 36″ wide X 36″ deep X 90″ tall; 67 1/2 ft³) is designed to give stable drying temperatures up to 60°C (140°F), ±2°C.  There are dual HEPA filters that are above the process chamber ceiling, through which processed gas or air is driven.  By continually recirculating in an air shower method, a uniform temperature is assured for a Class 100+ (ISO 5) process environment.

This unit offers consistent temperatures by way of 9-point temperature mapping.  A summary of its features are:

  • Its both durable and easy to clean due to both internal out external, double-walled 304 stainless steel construction with polyurethane insulation between.
  • The overall dimensions of the #2418 are: 43 1/2″ wide x 42″ deep x 107.3″ high.
  • 4000W heater; Electrical: 208 volts AC and 20 amps
  • The HEPA is 99.99% efficient, rated at .3µm particles.

Terra Universal has many other environmentally-oriented chambers and incubators for humidity, photostability, insect growth, animal respiration, temperature and heat/thaw, environmental and vacuum testing and processes.  Go to www.TerraUniversal.com to see complete data, then contact Midstates Marketing for our quotation which will state Terra’s  List Price as well as our 5% DISCOUNT, plus the current lead time.