Terra Universal GLOVEBOXES

Series 600 glove box isolators

Another product line Terra Universal manufactures for the high-tech industry is gloveboxes.  These are both unique and versatile so that you can design an enclosure to meet YOUR specs, yet save money and get standard pricing by being able to use standard control modules.  The unit you receive will be a turnkey system, thoroughly tested and ready for use!

Gloveboxes come in plastic (the Series 100 and 200) and stainless steel (the Series 300-600).  Options vary by unit but include:  low/high humidity, process gas mix, vacuum (to 5″ or 29.9″ WG), pass-through oven (to 300° C), gas heating (to 300° F), refrigeration (to -40° C), HEPA filtration, and static sterilization.

*Humidity control

To make sure the humidity level you want in your process gas, Terra’s environmental control modules function to both monitor and regulate, and a low-humidity module regulates your purge gas, such as argon, nitrogen or dry air.)

*Process gas generation and analysis

To be sure you have a dependable processing environment, Terra has reliable mixers, gas generators, and monitors.

*Temperature control

A range from -40°C to +300°C is available to solve your process temperature requirements.  Because Terra makes its gloveboxes with a double-wall and insulated to give you temperature stability.  further you’ll receive multi-process control and documentation thanks to their Sequence Controller.

*Vacuum control

Terra offers a wide range of vacuum control solutions for process pressures ranging from 5″ WG up to 1 atmosphere–something for any glovebox.

*Static control

Once we learn what the static problems are in your application, Terra’s engineers will prescribe the right placement of the best ionizers and static-dissipative materials to keep the parts that are sensitive to static charge safe from ESD.

*Germ and particle control

Even if your contamination control requirements demand Class 1 cleanliness specs, Terra Universal designs give the HEPA or ULPA filtration and laminar flow technology needed.  For aseptic, clean processing equipment, their units are built from ultra-clean materials, have radius corners and other concepts for a state-of-the-art cleanroom.

*Laminar flow and exhaust hoods

Whether you need a vertical laminar flow or horizontal laminar flow workstation, benchtop or free-standing laminar flow hoods, clean room stools or chairs, or virtually any other item for your lab or technical area.

Terra Universal offers several models of gloveboxes, depending on your application:

  1. Series 100 plastic glovebox.  Comes in 5 different materials:  polycarbonate, polypropylene, acrylic, non-dissipative PVC, and static-dissipative PVC.
  2. Plastic vacuum gloveboxes.  Perfect for drying, degassing and anaerobic uses.  Chambers for vacuum levels up to 29.9″ Hg.
  3. BioSafe gloveboxes.  These units have rounded, smooth corners with continuous seam welds to enable quick and easy disinfection.
  4. Series 300 stainless steel gloveboxes.  These units have versatile side flanges which enable the user to easily install air locks, vacuum ovens & other modules.  Applications include seam welding, leak testing, and other pharmaceutical & semiconductor processes.
  5. Series 400 stainless steel gloveboxes.  This unit has a spacious processing area, and is ideal for a pass-through chamber.
  6. Series 500 full-view gloveboxes.  Made in polycarbonate front/rear panels or transparent static-dissipative PVC, and offers for dual-side access opposing arm ports.
  7. Series 600 full-view gloveboxes.  Allows air locks & other access modules, plus features a safety glass or polycarbonate front window.
  8. Compounding chamber.  Regarding sterile compounding, this unit meets the requirements of USP 797, and comes in designs for laminar flow-through and recirculating.
  9. Insulated gloveboxes.  These operate with Terra Universal’s “Constant Temperature” modules, has a double-pane viewing window, and its polyurethane insulation improves energy efficiency.

For a more thorough presentation of all that Terra Universal offers in their glovebox line, go to and review their website.  Then, when you’ve collected the information you’re looking for, give Midstates Marketing a call or email so we can get you an official quotation which will include your 5% discount!