Gowning benches


Due to the nature of changing into cleanroom apparel, an ante room prior to entering the cleanroom is used for gowning shoe covers, frocks / lab coats / “bunny suits”, gloves, masks, etc. Some of the items needed in the gowning room are:

Gowning Benches – Solid and Built to Last

Fixed-Mount Solid Top

The higher quality, though more expensive, benches are the solid style which are heavy-duty and have flanged stainless steel footplates to more easily attach them to the floor. Whether in electropolished finish or brushed 304 stainless steel, they come 9 or 12 inches wide, up to 84 inches long, and 17 inches high.

Gowning Benches – Types

Freestanding Rod TopWire gowning benches cost less and have wire shelving which give laminar flow of 62%. They’re best during construction when the room is being made “clean”, as well as for lower class cleanrooms. These benches have four 18 inch legs with footplates, one 3-sided channel frame, and 1 wire shelf. Dimensions are: 18 inches high, 14 inches wide, and up to 72 inches long.

A “combo” bench with either a solid or perforated seat is also available, and comes with the particular seat, legs and footplates chosen, plus a wire undershelf. (Optionally, you can order more wire shelves & dividers.) For bootie storage, 14 inch wide wire undershelves can be selected. As always, the finish can be stainless steel or electropolished, and dimensions are: 18 inch wide seating, up to 72 inches long, and 19 inches high.

Freestanding Solid Top

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