Gowning racks and hangers


eagle group gowning rackGowning Racks Protocols

In a controlled area, it is critical to have necessary materials stored in the efficient and appropriate ways, both in the ante room as well as in the actual cleanroom. Garments, for example, should be stored in the gowning room either on wall-mounted or stand-alone gowning racks.

Gowning Racks and Hangers – Types of Racks

Stand Alone Gowning Racks

1)  Hanger rail racks typically have a stainless steel or electropolished finish. The difference is that stainless steel has a non-contaminating surface the prevents particles from shedding, whereas an electropolished finish has an electro-chemically passivated surface. Which one is chosen depends on the level of cleanliness required in the cleanroom.

The styles available for stand-alone racks are with a single-row of hangers, a double-row, or cantilevered.  They’re 24 inches wide, 75 inches high, and can range from 48 to 84 inches long. The hanger slot have a 3 inch standard, though other styles are available.

2)  Another style of gowning rack are those with wire shelving, usually for cleanrooms not needing the ultimate levels of contamination control. They have components which are uniquely-designed to enable gown storage and come in both electropolished stainless steel and chrome-plated. They can be either 14 or 24 inches wide, 48 to 72 inches long, and are 86 inches high.  Eagle has 3 versions, one with hanger slots on 2.5 inch centers, one with hooks on 1.5 inch centers on 4 shelf sides and one with a 1 inch tubular bar under the wire shelf.

Wall-Mounted Gowning Racks

Gownig Room Furnishings — Wall-Mounted Garment Rack

When floor space is at a premium, a wall-mounted gowning rack may be the best solution. The 3 styles available are:

*racks with hanger slots (24 inches wide). If you need 17 hangers, the length is 48 inches; for 22 hangers, it’s 60 inches long, and for 27 hangers, it’s 72 inches long. To enable laminar air flow, they have an open-wire top shelf, and come in chrome or electropolished stainless steel finishes.  (See below for information on hangers which come separately.)

*racks with a hanger tube. Similar to the stand-alone style, this 18 inch wide rack also has a 1 inch diameter tube bar which is mounted under the wire shelf.  Coming in 4′, 5′, and 6′ lengths, it also can have a chrome or electropolished finish.

*racks with hooks. A very compact model just 14 inches wide, the length depends on how many hangers you need–48 inches for 30 hooks, 60 inches for 38 hooks, and 72 inches for 45 hooks–and comes in the standard electropolish or chrome finishes.

Gowning Racks and Hangers – Hanger Types and Kits

Gownig Room Furnishings — Wall-Mounted Garment Rack

Hangers and Kits:

There are 3 styles of hangers to consider:

1) The open loop. Designed just like the hangers you use in your home, these work on all gowning racks, and come in electropolished stainless steel, chrome or with a brush finish. The fact that the hanger can be removed from the bar can be a disadvantage or an advantage, depending on your point of view.

2) The closed loop. To prevent the hanger from being able to be removed or fall on the floor, this style is used on gowning racks with a tubular bar, and come in brush finish, chrome, or electropolished stainless steel.

3) The 2-piece hanger.  A cross between the first two, this style is used with non-removable hanger models.  The top part is attached to the rack, and the bottom is able to be removed so you can more easily put the garment on it. It, too, comes in chrome, electropolished stainless steel, or with a brush finish.

Hanger Bar Kits are available, depending on your situation.

1)  An 18″ wide tubular style uses both open- and closed-loop hangers, come in both chrome and stainless steel, and 48 to 72 inch lengths.

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