Grounding data logger tester

The CT-8900 Combo-Tester

Static Solutions knows that it is critical to make CERTAIN that your static control devices are working correctly.  Their CT-8900 Combo-Tester does all the things necessary for that function–testing, measuring, and recording the data that proves your wrist straps and foot grounds are A-OK.  It compiles the data both individually and simultaneously so that you can handle a faulty unit immediately.

The information is both displayed and stored in the computer for later review.  For each shoe and wrist strap, the resistance values (in Ohms) are recorded for as many as 30,000 employees (and that figure can be expanded) meeting the requirements of EOS 20/20, EPA specs.

So, if this is something your company is looking for, do contact Midstates Marketing and let us get you the discounted pricing and current lead time!