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 Hatfield (Pro-line) Products Company

R.W. Hatfield’s Pro-line Division offers a wide array casework, such as workbenches and furniture, which are modular, including some that they carry in stock with a lead time-to-ship of 5 days or less!  And to top it off, Midstates Marketing is offering their line for 5% off the List Pricing for purchases of 1-3 units; 7.5% for 4 or more! See the Proline website at and then contact us regarding your interests!

The Hatfield company offers a Premium and Economy series that can ship from stock!   Their “islands” come in black epoxy resin or Chem-guard surfaces, and are painted a textured beige color with a black, accent strip on the upright supports (beginning 5/12).  They’ll ship up to 10 within 5 days — something rare in the industry.  Larger orders, of course, can be handled, but check with Midstates regarding the details. These models include the:  LHD603034CG, HDUR60, TLC-4, FR60, C1-6-SDL26, C4-626, ESMR60/ES48, LT36D, SDC60/SGLD, and WMS1.5.

The Premium model has a removable back panel which enables the user to get to its utilities, doors and drawers made in a sound-deadening construction, and a leveling system designed with an integrated toe base and glides that level. Other special features are: ball bearing, 90% extension slides on the drawers; removable pans and adjustable shelves in the cupboards, and options like file drawers, pull-out shelves, knee-space braces, and more. Height can be: (1) sitting, 29.375″; (2) mid-height, 32.290″, or (3) standing, 35.250″.

The Economy “C” model offers 26 and 30 inch deep, heavy-duty cabinets, and, to keep the price down, they have steel hinges that are painted as well as plastic pulls, though not the sound-deadening feature of the Premium model.

Note: creating the part number of the unit you need is simple to do.  For example, for a 60″ long, 30″ wide, 30″ high HD unit like shown below, the full model number is:  HD603030.  EASY!

 A favorite–the Model HD modular workbench!

Hatfield Products – Heavy Duty Line

Hatfield also has a terrific line of heavy-duty, modular, lab benches that are 60 inches long, 34 inches deep, and 34 inches high. The finish is a textured, white powder coat, available with one of 3 different work surfaces — stainless steel, black epoxy resin, or black Chemguard.

Also stocked are 5 hanging Economy cabinets. These are made with a 2-toned, textured blue outer housing, plus drawers and doors that are textured white. With cabinets 18″W X 26″D X 27.5″H, the cabinet doors can swing to the left or right, have an 18 or 24 inch locker with a shelf, and 6 inch drawers. Just pick and choose the features you prefer!


Hatfield Products – Custom Just for You

In addition, Hatfield has a notable line of other equipment, including the ability to make a wide array of modular designs customized to your specifications, though with a longer lead time. These include traditional casework and wall units. Resin surfaces and a back-splash at the back of the table make them well-suited for the lab environment. Lab tables can have features such as height adjustability (via a hand crank or electrically), cantilever design, and more.

3_CR.jpgContamination control Model CR for cleanrooms.

***Visit Hatfield’s “Pro-line” products at or and then contact Midstates Marketing to save 5-7.5% off the List Price of their product line.


Above: an example of Pro-line’s custom-made, deluxe laboratory casegoods and workstations