Liberty Industries

Liberty Industries – the company

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Liberty Industries, Inc. has been a global leader in the cleanroom field for decades and was founded in 1953 by John Nappi, Sr.

The company is both a manufacturer and distributor of cleanroom and contamination control equipment, accessories, and supplies of the highest quality, through a talented staff under the direction of the owner, John Nappi, Jr. and president, Bob Kaiser. Cathy Albano is the National Sales Manager, and George Pollick is the Chief Engineer, with distributors like Midstates Marketing handling every corner of the country.

Liberty Industries – the manufacturer

Liberty Industries makes modular cleanrooms, softwall cleanrooms, pharmacy intravenous/IV prep rooms and stations, Vertical Flow Components Systems (VFCS), air showers, pass-thru windows, laminar air flow benches (both horizontal and vertical workstations) as well as fume hoods, fan filter units (FFU’s), HEPA and ULPA ceiling modules, shoe brush machines (including the Bull Dog shoe cleaner) and their famous Tacky Mats, a name for which they hold the trademark.

Without cutting corners on quality, Liberty Industries can handle the requirements of a user needing Class 100,000, Class 10,000, Class 1000, Class 100,  Class 10 or even Class 1. Their customers come from many industries–pharmaceutical, medical, hospital, laboratory, high-tech electronics and automotive, specialty glass, metals and plastics, or just an industrial firm needing to make a certain manufacturing area more “contamination controlled.”

Liberty Industries – the distributor

Handling most of the leading sources of every category, Liberty Industries distributes products in virtually every category:

*DISPOSABLES/REUSABLES such as cellulose or Tyvek garments–including booties, shoe covers, “bunny suits” (coveralls), frocks, lab coats, hoods, bouffant caps, face masks, goggles, beard covers, moustache covers, etc.

*SUPPLIES like finger cots, gloves (including powder-free latex gloves, nitrile gloves, swabs, wipes (including Texwipe), sponges, mops (including spaghetti mops, sponge mops, Kemi-Kleen mops, tacky roll mops,…), cleaning solutions, alcohol hand sterilizer, hand germicidal, hand lotion, DI water, sterile IPA 30/70, and the like.

*ACCESSORIES including nitrogen air guns, anti-static guns, mirrors, cleanroom paper, bulletin boards, stationary, tape, bags and tubing, filters and pre-filters, waste receptacles, step cans, trash containers, buckets, glove boxes and dry boxes, acrylic dispensers,  hand dryers, flooring (including work zone) permanent “sticky” mats plus home mats, office mats, ergo mats, Dycem mats, Duratack matting, cleanroom guides/books/encyclopedia, and an extremely complete maintenance “starter kit”.

*EQUIPMENT such as carts, racks, tables, benches, chairs, stools, garment storage racks and centers, intercoms and communicators, particle counters, temperature and humidity recorders, magnehelic gauges, alarms, meters, comfort indicators, ionization equipment, Ionforce static bars, air curtains, lighting, cleanroom vacuums, ceiling materials/components, duct collars, ….and so much more!

So when you hear the name Liberty Industries, THAT’S a source to put on your team!

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