NRD Div. of Mark IV Ind’s.

NRD – the company

Founded in 1969, NRD is a division of Mark IV Industries, located on Grand Island, the island that attaches to Niagara Falls.  Utilizing the static neutralization power of Alpha and Beta emitters, NRD custom designs and manufactures a wide selection of passive ionization sources that eliminate static–encapsulated ionizer devices ideal for static control.  They also offer a variety of static-eliminating ionizers that further expands the static control problem-solving capability for their customers.

NRD – the products

Not only are they maintenance-free, NRD’s Alpha equipment does not require calibration as electrical ionizers regularly do.  Further, they need NO electrical source!  Their air guns, air cannons, and air curtains hook up to a 30 psi air source…and their linear ionizers don’t even need THAT!  From 4″ to 144″, they are like a magic wand–emitting a constant stream of millions of positive and negative ions to eliminate and neutralize the static charge of surface ions.  Just set them up and they’re “on” a year at a time!

Through NRD’s static-eliminating fans, blowers, bars & guns, their focus is solutions in the life safety, chemical detection, and static neutralization industries.

NRD – the applications

Static problems occur in many manufacturing and industrial firms, as well as at universities, scientific research facilities, and elsewhere–converting, plastics, printing, packaging, the photographic and electronics industries, specialty metals, specialty glass, laboratories, auto body/collision repair, furniture, and more.  In fact, if there’s a requirement for intrinsically-safe units for an explosive and/or flammable environment, NRD should absolutely be #1 on your list!

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