Ovens and freezers

I.  Terra Universal CLEANROOM OVENS

Terra Universal offers several ovens for anyone involved in a controlled environment.  Here are a few below.

A.  High-capacity, HEPA-filtered cleanroom oven.

                        Model #2148-15
High-Capacity, HEPA-Filtered Cleanroom Oven

36″W X 36″D X 90″H; 67.5 ft.³; 60ºC ± 2ºC;

Overall dimensions: 43.5″W X 42″D X 107″H

This large stainless steel chamber gives a stable elevated temperature.  It works by forcing air or process gas through twin HEPA filters that are situated above the process chamber’s ceiling.  As a result, you’ll have continuous circulation that insures a uniform temperature and Class 100 (ISO 5) or better process environment.  A temperature uniformity certification based on 9-point temperature mapping is included.

 B.  Class 100 cleanroom oven

This unit has a 4-segment programmable controller.  It enables exact heating up to 250ºC and their HEPA filters make them suitable for Class 100/ISO 5 cleanrooms.  Construction:  stainless steel interior walls, sidewall plenums and bottom, plus includes 4 stainless steel shelves which are adjustable.

Model 3700-70; 120VAC or 240VAC; 2.8 ft.³
Class 100 Cleanroom Ovens