Ridgeline filters


RS Micro is continually on engineering’s leading edge regarding specialty electronic components.  The Ridgeline™ Model 03331C series is no exception.

This filter offers a set of high-power low-loss filters with both a wide passband and stopband. These passbands are contiguous to each other so that they cover a wide-frequency spectrum which ranges from 900 MHz to 18 GHz. Each filter gives a 40% to 50% fractional bandwidth and more than 40 dB rejection for the 2nd and 3rd and harmonics of the passband frequencies.

The part number 03331C-4 is a unit that should be of particular appeal as its performance has the highest frequency.  It is not only extremely compact, but it can handle 150 W/CW of power in a passband from 12-18 GHz.  Yet, it provides more than 40 dB rejection in the 24-54 GHz range.

Always on top of “the latest” in advanced design techniques, RS Microwave is the one to check with whenever a new, technological challenge confronts your facility.  Relay your specs to Midstates Marketing and we will engage their engineering and quoting groups to respond back right away with a solution to your problem!