RS Micro



RS Micro – the company

Founded in 1981 by Dr. Richard (“Dick”) Snyder, RS Micro is well-known for being a leader in its high-tech design and manufacture of custom microwave and RF filters, multiplexers and unique sub-assemblies for military applications.  RS Micro is AS9100 certified, has a number of products on the QPL (Qualified Parts List), and offers multiplexers to MIL-I-45208.

Located not far from New York City in Butler, New Jersey, RS Micro’s 30,000 square foot facility houses a very knowledgeable engineering staff highly competent in CAD design technology.  With nearly 50 employees, they do nearly $10 million in business.

RS Micro – the products

Some of RS Micro’s points of focus over the years have included using evanescent modes of propagation to optimize size and insertion loss applied even to arbitrary transfer functions–1% to 80% and 200 MHz to 40 GHz bandwidths.  It further evolved, as their website describes, to the development of “unique lumped element networks with symmetrical response, dielectric resonator designs (1 MHz bandwidth with a center frequency of 8 GHz!), compact high power, low-loss notch filters (switched and fixed), the smallest possible multiplexers, filters with wide passbands and wide stopbands combined with high power capability (1-4 GHz passband, stopband to 20 GHz, 1 KW operation) blind-mate filters (as small as drop-in designs)for high isolation applications, Bessel-Thompson world standard filters (our OR series) for use in optical communication systems, evanescent mode dielectric-based notch filters, and a host of other unique products for system application.”

With not only a complete machine shop for mid-range volumes, a test area with 1 MHz-50 GHz vector analyzers, a high-tech assembly area, and detailed finishing area.  RS Micro supplies virtually all key players JTIDS/MIDS/GPS (all LINK-16) programs, a high-power spread spectrum military communication link which interfaces with TACAN, IFF, and other navigation/communication systems.   They are the largest supplier of high-power notch filters in the world.  And they are likewise highly-regarded in the industry for MIDS, JTIDS, ASPJ, AESA, ALQ-172, LAMPS, ALR67 (ASR), Rapport III, SLQ32, GPN, SPS- 48, GBR, AMRAAM, SM-2, AEGIS, etc.

Being AS9100 certified, RS Micro makes certain its assembly & test is done according to MIL-STD-2000 or 2000A, to satisfy ISO9000 requirements.  With lean manufacturing, they do environmental testing on most products, including high power, temperature-altitude and leak resistance.   The company has filters and multiplexers on many government QPL/NSN lists as standard, approved items.  They have filter products that have been in the ocean, on land, in tanks, in bombers, fighters, satellites and missiles. In America they’re considered “best of breed” in small size or high power.

RS Micro – the problem-solvers

RS Micro’s staff aims at solving the customer’s problem by fully researching what is needed, making sure of complete understanding, and then knowing technologically how to develop a workable solution.  Just a few examples of where they did that very thing are:

• They have the smallest high-power notch filters available anywhere, and continue to use new research to reduce their own record-small sized parts.

• They have very narrow bandpass dielectric resonator filters with wide stop-bands.

• They offer ilters with wide passbands of 1-4 GHz, wide stopbands up to 20 GHz, and 100’s of watts power.

• They can combine lumped, evanescent, dielectric, waveguide–all in the SAME package.

• They do blind-mate, high-isolation interconnections within packages and to external packages.

• Their combination of E-M and circuit co-simulation results in predictable interconnections of their filters to other components, e.g. amplifiers, isolators, detectors, and switches.

• Their combination of E-M and circuit co-simulation results in predictable interconnections of their filters in multiplexed configurations .

So, if you have an engineering quandary in their areas of expertise, give Midstates a call.

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