Western States Sales

Western States Sales was founded in the mid-1980’s in the Denver area. Cindy Weist and company offer a wide array of equipment, supplies and accessories for industrial, manufacturing and cleanroom applications.

Midstates Marketing has been their “point man” in the Midwest for many years, and can help customers find the best solution for their situation. Check out their offerings at www.WesternStatesSales.net and their sister firm, www.CleanroomWorld.com, then come to Midstates Marketing for a better deal!

Midstates Marketing offers 5% off of the Western States Sales product line.

Western States Sales – The Product Line

Western States Sales offers a wide array of products and equipment for both the manufacturing/industrial field, as well as the cleanroom industry.

Primary categories are:

  • Anti-static products like charge plate monitors, wrist straps, equipment for ionization, meters for the field, auditing kits, anti-stat shoes, floor and table mats, packaging material, etc.
  • Disposables for a cleanroom such as garments and shoes, gloves, swabs and wipes, mats and flooring, cleaning solutions and supplies, tape, cart covers, and more.
  • Accessories for cleanrooms, such as workstations, gowning benches and racks, tables and chairs, acrylic containers, waste receptacles, wire shelving and more.
  • Cleanroom equipment such as particle counters, refrigerators & ovens, biological safety cabinets, microbial atriums, humidity-control chambers, soft- and hardwall cleanrooms, fume hoods, laminar flow clean benches, dessicator cabinets, pass-thru windows, and the like.

Western States Sales – Midstates Marketing

Having also worked with Cindy’s brothers and father’s firm, Midstates knows the line well and, in particular, how the line can supplement customers with the products that are harder to find in stock at an attractive pricing.

Founded in 1975 and having been in the cleanroom industry since the early 1980’s, Midstates Marketing can, at no cost to the customer, go to their facility and evaluate the various scenarios in their plant or cleanroom. Then we can make informed recommendations as to what is needed and from what sources.

That’s valuable knowledge that’s hard to find!