Liberty Industries WIPES

Libwipes p79

The Libwipe, Model 803

Called a WIPER by some, one of Liberty’s most popular wipe is their Libwipe which is VERY attractively-priced and has the following features:

  • The Libwipe is a limited-linting cloth perfect for a clean room, 9X9″ with an un-hemmed, edge-sealed, bias-cut.
  • Provides scratch-free wiping to all sorts of surfaces needing contamination control.
  • Will not generate electro-static charges that pull in particles from the air.
  • Is a high-absorbency, fast-drying wipe made of pure cotton that has been purified.
  • Comes 300 wipes per bag; 12 lbs./bag.  Midstates’ discount is 5% off the List Price for purchases of 1-10 bags; 7.5% discount for 11+ bags.

The Econowipe; Model 8025

Econowipe p76

Another wipe that is a great cleanroom value is the Econowipe

  • Used for light-to-medium applications and not affected when wet as some wipes are.
  • It is low-particulating (e.g. sodium and other heavy metals) as shown by laboratory testing and monitoring.
  • To ensure clean storage and use, Econowipes are packed in solid cleanroom dispenser plastic tubs. Will absorb many times its own weight in liquid. 300 wipes per bag; 6 bags per case; 1800 wipes total per case.
  • Also available: the optional #7470 acrylic bin, perfect for orderly access that helps inventory monitoring.

Crew Wipers®

Crew 2 Wipers p79

#33390 Crew® wiper

Crew Wipes are an all-purpose, well-known brand, ideal in any cleanroom.  Here’s why:

  • Meltdown polypropylene, this wiper has textured surface actually ensnares particulate.
  • Soft enough that is doesn’t scratch delicate surfaces.
  • Has a high capability of absorbency, is acid-resistant, and has low halogen levels.
  • 11 1/2″ X 12″; 500 in a case, packed 10 per polybag, 10 lbs.

#33370 Crew 2® wiper

Similar to the #33390 Crew® wipes, this model is a smaller size of 9X9″.  Also comes packed 10 polybags of 50 per case; 500 total/case.

Texwipe® wipers

Founded in 1964 with a high-quality wipe for cleaning in the young, booming mainframe computer industry, Texwipe is a worldwide leader in contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products including lint free clean room wipers, cleanroom swabs, cleanroom stationery, sterile products, adhesive mats and more.  Now a division of ITW (Illinois Tool Works), the Texwipe Company makes process materials for many types of fields: biotechnology, the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, automotive, aerospace and telecommunications, food processing, semiconductors and data storage, and other areas where high-tech manufacturing has sophisticated manufacturing processes.

Liberty handles many of their best wipes:

  • TX409 Absorbond® wipe; 9X9″; 300 per bag
  • TX3009 Fabwipe® wipe; 9X9″; 100 per bag (Being discontinued)
  • TX612 Technicloth® wipe; 12X12″; 150 per bag
  • TX1009B Alpha Wipe®; 9X9″
  • TX1010 Alpha 10® wipe; 9X9″ with sealed edge; 100 per bag; 10 bags per case
  • TX1012 Alpha 10® wipe; 12X12″ with sealed edge; 100 per bag; 10 bags per case
  • TX1112 Technicloth II® Indicator wipe; 12X12″; 150 wipes per bag; 10 bags per case
  • TX8410 Alpha Stat Wipe®; 9X9″

Wet wipers, #WW07

Wet Wiper Dispenser p77

Coming in an easy-to-use cannister similar to that of baby wipes, the WW07 is a 7X7″ non-foam, wet wipe that comes in what’s known as a “tub”.  They’re saturated with a solution that’s 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% DI water.

Perfect for wiping equipment, tools, or areas such as your personnel’s locker or work areas, the Wet Wipers come 100 wipes per tub (1.5 lbs. each), 12 tubs per case.

Kemi-Kleen Dust Control Cloth; #801

Kemi-Kleen Mop p73

Used both as a wipe as well as on a mop, the 24X24″ #801 chemically-treated wipe is just the thing for efforts in removing dust in a controlled area.  They come 50 in a bag, 10 bags per case.  (23 lbs.)

For looking at all the wipes available from Liberty Industries, go to www.liberty-ind.com and then contact Midstates to find out both the list price and YOUR discounted price, lead time, and other pertinent details.