Perma, Inc.


Perma, Inc. has been a manufacturer for facilities maintenance for over 50 years, and has formulated a wide selection of products for nearly every application.  Midstates Marketing offers their line at a discount from their normal pricing with the hope that, when you’re ready, you’ll buy through us.

PERMA – Array Of Products

Maintenance engineers and janitorial staffs deal with problems of many sorts, and need a LOT of possible solutions to choose from.  Whether it’s slip resistance or static control, coatings for concrete, wood or tile, strippers for tile or cleaning solutions and concentrates for just about any surface, Perma’s where to check first!

Specifically, their listing includes:

Anti-slip and slip-resistance cleaners and finishes for floors
Anti-static, as well as conductive cleaners, finishes and sealers for floors
Cleaners and protection solutions for carpets and upholstery
Water and solvent-based concrete and stone cleaners, finishes and sealers, in addition to gymnasium and wood flooring
Concentrates and the appropriate equipment that can be diluted to the appropriate ratio for your application
Sanitizers and disinfectants for hospitals, food service and municipalities
Cleaners and de-greasers for the food service industry.
“Green” cleaners, finishes, and strippers
Shower and hand soaps, plus products for restroom care
Multi-purpose de-greasers and cleaners
Finishes, finish removers and cleaners for synthetic sports and rubber floors and vinyl tile (VCT) sealers, waxes, and glass restorers

PERMA – The ordering process

See their website at and then contact Midstates Marketing for both the standard list price, the discounted price we’re offering, and the lead time.  Then let us get your order set up and the product on its way!