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Midstates Marketing, Inc. is a manufacturers’ representative and non-stocking distributor that focuses on offering its customers an improved pricing e.g. 5 to 15% off, depending on the item and the quantity purchased.  We’re able to do that by, wherever possible, discounting our commissions or profit margin, which gives our CUSTOMER a cost savings, while WE are able to work with a company we probably wouldn’t have otherwise!

Founded in Indianapolis in 1975 initially representing electronic component manufacturers, the company adapted to the slow decline of the electronics-oriented manufacturing in the United States.

Other product lines evolved, such as equipment used for general manufacturing such as assembly workstations, anti-static devices, and eventually, the anti-contamination (cleanroom) field.

With that array of products, our contacts have been many, in various departments of several different types of accounts. For example, in the controlled environment industry alone, we work with different types of manufacturers (specialty glass/specialty metals, painting, plastics, automotive, aerospace, high-tech electronics, defense, pharmaceutical and life sciences, medical devices, etc.), as well as Government, the medical field, scientific research laboratories, education, and more.

Primarily a family-owned company (see more at “About Us”), Midstates is carefully managed for maximum efficiency, working harder and smarter. Tending to the needs of customers and the requirements of principals, we try to be the BEST with the lines we handle. We not only cover Indiana and surrounding states exclusively for some lines, but we sell selected lines nationally.

Terms on our invoices are “net 15” or “net 30”, depending on the principal, and we also accept credit cards, e.g. Visa and MasterCard.  In other cases, our principal bills the customer directly.

Our motto has always been “Linking customer and manufacturer“, so check out our Line Card for some possible “links,” and let us go to work for YOU!