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About Midstates Marketing Inc.

Kenn Reinhardt Sr. and Kenn Reinhardt Jr. circa 1975 imageKenneth George (“Kenn”) Reinhardt started his original manufacturers’ representatives company, the Kenneth G. Reinhardt Co., in 1952. That firm evolved into Delta Sales, and, after merging with Electronic Sales Associates, became Delesa Sales. Tragically, due to terminal cancer complications in his wife, Hazel’s, health, he sold off his ownership of that company to his partners in 1974, re-married, and founded Midstates Marketing in 1975.

With original roots in the electronic components industry, the company evolved into several other fields including: sound & security,industrial tools & assembly equipment (including robotics), anti-contamination & anti-static equipment & supplies, injection-molded plastics and more, and has sold to manufacturers, dealer-distributor-retailers, government and education.

Originally contracted only for Indiana & Kentucky, Midstates expanded to also cover Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, southern Illinois (Peoria and south), and western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh and west).

Staff involved all of the Reinhardt family over the years, beginning in 1982 with Kenn’s son, Kenneth Gerald (and also known as Kenn) and his family–Peggy, and their children–Kristy, Holly, Sandy and Max.  As a result, despite the death of “Kenn, Sr.” in 2001, Midstates Marketing continues to not only sell in the Midwest, but, with some lines, we sell to the entire nation.

Midstates Marketing, Inc.
Manufacturers reps and non-stocking distributor since 1975
10325 Brookville Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46239-9664; USA
Office phone: (317) 639-9999
FAX number: (317) 862-6699

Below are:  Owner and President: Kenn Reinhardt, and Corporate Secretary: Peggy Reinhardt; Office Manager:

Website design: Kristy Reinhardt Thomas; Marketing research: Max Reinhardt; Lead research: Holly Reinhardt; Office Manager: Sandy Reinhardt