Adhesive floor mats

Western States Sales adhesive floor mats

Model CQ-1836-308-X

WSS imports a strong, polyethylene, peel-off mat which is less expensive that U.S.-manufactured mats but can be stocked for you at their Colorado warehouse.  As with all tack mats, there are 30 sheets on a mat, 8 mats per case.  The blue or white, 18X36″ mats remove wheel- and foot-borne particles of bacteria, dust and dirt via a lower-tackiness adhesive which is both functional and cost-cutting.  The backing of each mat is completely covered with adhesive, eliminating the need for a mounting frame.

Model CQ-CC-P101x

These 18X36″ up to 36X60″ mats have 30 sheets per mat and 4 mats in a case.  Colors available are white, blue and gray.

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