Dycem Ltd.


Dycem is a long-standing manufacturer in England which distributes through their U.S. office-warehouse and specialized dealers like Midstates Marketing.


Protectamat in corridor areas
bullet IMPORTANT: Since as much as 80% of the contamination that comes into a cleanroom, does so either via the feet or wheels, it is critical to manage it at your entrance and workstations.Quality entry mats like Dycem’s can leave an estimated 99% of non-viable and viable contamination AT THE DOOR!

Protectamat in corridor areas
DYCEM PROTECTAMAT™ attracting & holding particulate.

Dycem’s blue Protectamat™ is a high quality, reliable, “permanent” mat that is washable and re-usable, thus eliminating the need for peel-off mats.  It not only addresses footborne particulate such as that brought in on shoes or shoe covers, boots or boot covers, it also attracts the airborne type. Made of a polyester polymer, it gives a long-term tackiness.

Because it has a non-slip bottom, the Protectamat™ is simply laid on the floor–just remove from the box, unroll it, and it’s immediately ready for use.  (If you prefer, a self-adhesive backing is available to prevent slipping).  Then, when it’s time for you to remove the contamination on its surface, it’s mopped with a simple mix of water and a good-quality detergent and the surface contaminants are released.

Afterward, the mat is squeegeed to remove the contaminated excess water and any remaining particulates.  Having a two-year warranty and a expected life of two to four years, the mat is tough enough for both foot and cart traffic.  Four feet long and 7mm thick, the Protectamat™ is available in 2′, 3’3″, 6’6″, 10′, and 13′ lengths.  The 10 and 13 foot models have a red lead-on ramp, but the model DY-CC02-06-01 is individually-molded (4′ X 2 X 5mm) and has no red ramps.

From a technical standpoint:
*Coefficient of friction:  3.5 (per Tortus floor friction tester)
*Heat resistance: 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 50 degrees Centigrade) working range
*Load resistance: 570 pounds per square inch (40 kilograms per square centimeter)
*Chemical resistance: resistant to nearly all chemicals
*UV resistance: Effect is negligible
*Outgassing: Negligible (ASTM 1203-67)
*Toxicity: non-toxic

Protectamat in corridor areas



Similar to the standard Protectamat™ and having the same high-quality particle-collecting surface, this low-profile version is light-weight, comes in gray or blue, and can either be laid loosely or can be installed semi-permanently with a self-adhesive backing.   With those same features, it, too, is able to resist most chemicals and is non-toxic.  All models are 53 inches X 2.5mm thick, but three styles are 39 inches long while one is twice that length.


This 100% polymer squeegee is constructed to not only resist chemicals, but to avoid rust leaving contaminates.  It has 2 PVC blades that connect via a connector threat to the PVC handle, making it impenetrable by water, solvents, sanitizers or detergents.  The range of blade sizes is 18, 24 or 30 inches, the squeegee can be sanitized up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and two PVC handles are available–a 60″ or 12 foot.

Take a look at their website which is www.dycem.com and then contact Midstates Marketing for the list pricing, YOUR price, the lead time, and other details.