Alpha in-line ionizers & air guns

The P-2021 and P-2031 in-line ionizers (fixed mount)

The high pressure P-2021

NRD offers a number of ionizing devices that works by way of continuous-flow moving air, utilizing either the P-2021 or P-2031 in-line ionizer.  Whether the unit is “fixed” at a point in a production line or attached to a gun handle, this cylindrical ionizer will blow a steady stream of ionized air on the desired target at which it is pointing.  Like a paint gun blowing invisible paint, the positive and negative ions immediately negate the static charge they make contact with, bringing the static charge level down to virtually zero. As a result, you’ll find them in countless applications, from general industrial static removal to the stringent, critical requirements of cleanrooms.

P-2021 10 mCi Alpha in-line ionizer

The P-2021 is easily attached to a 35-80 PSI air line or on an NRD air gun, and requires no electricity.  A unit that could be run 24/7/365, the P-2021 is ideal for reliably doing away with static in countless applications and industries, including plastics, finishing, specialty metals, specialty glass, graphics, electronic manufacturing and assembly, optics, and many more.  Just connect to a clean, dry compressed air or inert gas line and the unit is ON, shooting a powerful ion stream to quickly neutralize electrostatic charge.  One big advantage over electrical ionizers, the P-2021 never goes out of balance, and needs no periodic calibration or maintenance.  And, because it requires no electricity, it’s intrinsically safe to use in flammable or explosive environments.

The various in-line ionizer models:

  1. P-2021-1000 Nuclecel™; 316 stainless housing; 1/8″-27 NPSM threads; 10 mCi activity; for general purpose use
  2. P-2021-2000; Same as the -1000 but cleanroom packaged; for cleanroom use
  3. P-2021-5000; Same as the -2000 but electropolished; for cleanroom use
  4. P-2021-8000; Same as the -1000 but 303 stainless housing; for general purpose use
  5. P-2021-Z005 Neutralizer™ ionizer cartridge and tip; 316 stainless housing; 1/8″-27 NPSM threads; 10 mCi activity; for multi-purpose use

The low pressure P-2031

For a higher strength in-line ionizer, the P-2031 is the better selection.  Having the same benefits as the P-2021, this unit is designed to give a high volume of ionized, compressed gas for a low-pressure application needing only 5-7 PSI.  It also does not have to be a required distance from the surface you’re wanting to affect to get the proper intermix of ions–it always yields a balanced ion output down to 0 volts.

Ideal applications include eliminating static in storage containers and hoppers, e.g. recycling plastic scrap or in a pelletizer where much coverage is needed.

The models available are:

  1. P-2031-1000 Nuclecel™ ionizer; aluminum housing; 1/4″-NPT threads; 20 mCi activity
  2. P-2031-2000; Same as the -1000 but with 316 stainless housing; both for a wide usage.

P-2031 20 mCi Alpha ionizer





Blow off air guns

For non-fixed, manual applications, NRD also has a number of blow off air guns which use either the P-2021 or P-2031 on a gun handle, either thumb or finger actuated.  See NRD’s website ( for further data.

As with all NRD Alpha products, you can obtain a unit for a free, 30-day trial.  All we need is a purchase order number and 2 contact names (e.g. a buyer and applications engineer) so that all parties can track the unit.  Though it’s unlikely you won’t immediately see the benefit to your ionizer, you can return it within that time frame.  All NRD would ask if for reimbursement of the shipping costs, both directions…which is minimal, as these units are very light.  Give Midstates Marketing a call and let’s arrange a trial!