Laboratory equipment


Cleanroom & Laboratory Tables (Benches)

Terra has a series of workstations called the Spec-Master® Series–SE, SE-BS, STE, and STE-BS.  These have the following common specifications:

  • 14 or 16 gauge stainless steel top
  • An adjustable stainless steel under-shelf or tubular base
  • The left and right ends are turned down 90° which allow a flat surface, so that the tables can be lined up end-to-end.
  • Sound-deadening insulation tape runs between the hat channel and the table top which are welded together.
  • All the workstations have TU’s patented uni-lok® system.  This give their units stronger, plus a bull-nose edge on both the front and the rear (without back-splash).  The 12 gauge gusset is recessed into the channel to reduce internal movement, and the 12 gauge stainless steel gusset for the 1 5/8″ leg is double-welded onto the backup plate and channel frame to add stability.

Perf-Top Tables

  • A=grid panel; B=utility shelf; C=utility basket; D=monitor shelf; E=keyboard holder


Other examples of Terra Universal work areas:

For VERY flexible and unique system of for both new and existing laboratories, look into Terra’s modifiable systems which enables you to use standard components to put a solution together.  You’ll get the performance and strength your application requires, state-of-the-art style, and flexibility.  There are virtually an unlimited number of combinations available of utility racks and shelves, limited only by your imagination!

Example 1

Stainless Steel Island Lab Tables and 3-Sided FramePhenolic Resin Work Table with or without Shelf From InterMetro

Example 2

Cleanroom Shelving Accessories

Note: the above is just a couple of examples of the many versions of lab equipment Terra offers.  See all the others at www.TerraUniversal.comthen contact Midstates for an official quotation which will include your 5% discount!

Terra Universal LAB SINKS

Need a sink?  Terra has a WORLD of versions to select from!

Laboratory Sinks
A. No. 1373-25
Laboratory Sinks
B. No. 1373-23
Laboratory Sinks
C. No. 1373-24


Do look at ALL that Terra has to offer on lab workstations at, and then call us to get an official quotation with your 5% discount!