Pass-through windows



BioSafe<sup>®</sup> Stainless Steel Pass-Through

Terra Universal is well-known for their creative ingenuity regarding designing equipment for cleanrooms.  As an example, the Biosafe™ pass-through chamber is designed with doors that are easy to take off and put back on, and for thorough cleanliness, they can be STEAM-STERILIZED.  The latches are all-304/316 stainless steel which resists corrosion and  scratching, and contamination which is common with plated hardware.  And the special BioSeal edge seals so that it is both non-outgassing and non-contaminating, with polyurethane that is chemically-resistant built into the doors.

Inside the chamber you’ll find smooth surface and corners that are rounded which eliminates the crevices which can allow microbes to grow.  Outside you’ll find a beautiful, electro-finished stainless steel chamber that is resistant to disinfectants and other chemicals, as well as any particles.

The mechanical interlock is uniquely designed for no maintenance and long life, and is located OUTSIDE the pass-thru for the ultimate in cleanliness.


Note: Additional information is available at  We encourage you to review their website and then contact Midstates Marketing to get an official quotation which will include your 5% pricing discount–a discount you would NOT get if you ordered directly.