Terra Universal

Terra Universal – The Company

Terra Universal is located in Anaheim, California and is both a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of equipment, accessories and supplies for contamination control in everything from what’s called a clean room, white room, gray room, or just a controlled area.

Their strong suit revolves around their highly-engineered, special-purpose equipment.  Whether it’s modular hardwall or softwall cleanrooms for a bio or pharmaceutical application, forensic evidence storage cabinets, or garb and parts dispensers–or many other novel designs–you’ll find unique solutions to many complications you have in your facility.

Terra also handles, as a cleanroom distributor, many items used in a research laboratory, educational workshop, or manufacturing department, such as particle counters, analyzers and measuring equipment, as well as vacuum pumps, compressors, scales, safety equipment, and much more.

To round out the line, they also offer many cleanroom supplies:  re-usable and disposable garments, shoe covers, gloves, wipes, cleaning solutions, and all the rest needed for cleanroom maintenance.

So, scan through www.terrauniversal.com and, when you find some items of interest, contact Midstates so we can get you an official price quotation, lead time, etc., and, just as importantly, when it’s time to order, be sure to order through us for a 5% discount from what you would pay if you ordered directly!