Cleanroom vacuums

Liberty Industries CLEANROOM VACUUMS

Liberty offers a wide selection of vacuums for any size clean room or laboratory.  Whether your facility requires a dry or wet application, they’ve got a model to handle your needs.

The CRV vacuum; Model #7347

Model 7347 CRV Vacuum p104

The CRV is top-of-the-line–designed for Class 1 cleanrooms, (ISO 3) and filters to the 99.9995% efficiency level at 0.12 microns.

Other features include:

  1. The unit is constructed with a stainless steel tank
  2. Does three-stage filtering
  3. Utilizes a disposable paper bag as well as a cloth filter bag, and has an indicator light informing the user that a replacement is needed
  4. Runs at a noise level of up to only 65 dBA; 99 CFM
  5. Has a 4-gallon dry-only capacity
  6. Has an 88″ lift
  7. Has a flashing in-use light
  8. Uses took kit #17A which includes a:
    • 10′ x 1.5″ hose
    • Dusting brush
    • 54″ wand
    • Adapter
    • Floor brush.
    • Crevice tool

    The GM 80 EMI/RFI vacuum

    GM 80-80i EMI/RFI Vacuum p105
    The GM-80 has a 4-stage filtration system which allows a longer life for the filters you us, and particularly the HEPA filter which is placed at the vacuum’s exhaust.

Other features include:

  1. On the GM-80, EMI/RFI is suppressed.
  2. Weight: only 18 pounds
  3. It’s easy to use, portable, and small for easy storage (16″H X 12″W.)
  4. Has a 2 1/4 gallon collection capacity.
  5. The unit is quiet, reaching a sound level of only 59 dBA with 87 CFM and 102″ of waterlift.

The AS-5 HEPA vacuum

AS-5 Vacuum p104

The AS-5 HEPA, dry-recovery vacuum is for clean environments is typically used to connect a Liberty shoe cleaner in a controlled area where a central vacuum isn’t available.  The unit comes ready for use and includes one, complete tool kit. It has been well-engineered to  allow easy access to the HEPA filter while maintaining a leak-proof seal.

Other features include:

  1. A 4-stage filtration system–(1) a paper filter bag, (2) a cloth prefilter, (3) a HEPA filter and (4) foam exhaust filter.
  2. 59 dBA noise rating
  3. 3-gallon capacity
  4. Lightweight at only 17 pounds
  5. 96 CFM, 1 kilowatt; 33′-long power cord

Other models are shown at Liberty’s website,  Look over all the models available and then contact Midstates Marketing to obtain a discount of at least 5%, or more depending on quantity of units you’re needing.